Leapforce Stops Hiring Google Raters In Arizona

If you are hoping to get work as a Google rater with Leapforce but live in Arizona, then you just might be out of luck. I am hearing from some Google raters at Leapforce that most of the Arizona raters are not getting renewed due to location. And at least one rater was told to re-apply if he/she moved out of the state! Apparently, this person did just that and was re-hired immediately. (at least that is what my sources tell me)

Normally when one of these companies starts non-renewing contracts of raters in the same state it also means that no one else will get hired from that state. So, you can try to apply if you are in Arizona, but don’t get too upset if you do not get offered the qualifying exams.

No word yet on if LionBridge is following suit and dismissing raters who live in Arizona. If any LB raters are reading this and know the scoop, feel free to leave the info in the comments for others.

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