Major Update To CFS Freelance Writing Book

Yesterday, I published some major updates to the Make Money From Home As A Freelance Writer Cubicle Freedom Series guide based on your feedback. I listened to the questions that you had and the complaints you made and worked on the necessary changes. With this update, I added:

  • even MORE places to find work as a freelance writer
  • over 7,500 NEW words of content
  • a total of FIVE new chapters, as well as additions to existing chapters
  • tips on BUDGETING and freelance writing finances

If you have already purchased the book, then Amazon will be sending you an email letting you know about the new version. Unfortunately, it takes them up to 4 weeks to process the update and get the email out to everyone who already owns the book.

To expedite the process of getting your updates, log into your account and click on “Manage My Kindle” and then click on “Automatic Book Update” on the sidebar. Turn on the book update option and Amazon will deliver the updates to your Kindle as soon as they approve them for previous customers.

I do hope that these updates cover any questions or concerns that you may have had after initially reading the freelance writing guide. If you find that you still have questions, just let me know so that I can get the answer for you.

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